What does ‘the beginning’ mean or when does it really start?


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The Beginning can mark many things.  The beginning of the year.  The beginning of a book.  The beginning of a dream.  The beginning of a plan.  The beginning of the day.  The beginning of a new blog.  The beginning of this post.

All the above reflects my new commitment to planning and preparing my dream I have made with my partner.  To live on a sailboat.  The beginning of the dream has come true.  This year we will commit on focusing on all things related to sailing.  That includes classes, workshops, trainings, more sailing on the river to practice our skills (oppose to sailing just to sail), read more books and blogs, etc.

This month I begin; to blog about our experience of the path we take, the u-turns we will make, the hold-ups that will no doubt occur, and the break downs that will challenge our patience.  Much like life; preparing for our big dream will present many of the same challenges.  We will grow from these challenges and build confidence and trust that we never knew we had. And all the while learning to live the life of lightness (more on this later).

So with that being said, I will continue to learn how to best use this blog for all that it has to offer. So follow me as I improve my blogging, my boating experience, and preparing for a new life we will embrace here on out.

~Dharma Girl

Where to begin


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cropped-img_7636.jpgWhen did it all begin.  We can say it all began before we met each other. But it was apparent when it began a couple of years after we met. We’ll save that story for the How It All Began tab.

This being the first post, after teaching myself how to use blogger, I promise will not be too much interesting. One must layout an outline on what to post of all the sailing related events up to this point. To include our sailing trips, schooling, challenges, and plan.  Pictures will be included, I promise.

Stay Tuned!