Lessons Learned

Leave the country when it get warmer than warm and not when it is too hot.

Conservative repairs prevents long term problems or big damages.

Develop daily habits that prevent ‘pickles and puckers’.

Smooth is Slow, Smooth is Fast.

Everything is All Right.  Not alright but All Right.

Believe in the Good People.

B.O.A.T = Break Out Another Thousand is absolutely not exaggerated!

Did I already mention – bits of patience is key when preparing to leave for cruising?

We didn’t do so well living with cats on our boat.

Like the person, you will sail with.

Everything takes longer to do when you live aboard a sailboat.

Boats grow on Trees.

Be patient.  All will come together when it is supposed too, not when you want it.

Stay in the moment.

Don’t let your emotions pull you from reality.

Mama taught me to save for a rainy day.  The rainy day fund came handy when we had taxes, boat deposit, rent, and mortgage in a two week period.

Toilet training two cats is not as easy as they make it look.

We are not the only boat owners struggling with juggling the project list.  It’s more common than we thought.

There will be days of low and days of highs.  Don’t forget the highs.

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