What is next with those Williams?

Lake Driftwood, located southwest of Sisters, OR

If you missed our previous blog post, click here.

After two months in Portland, we successfully sold our beloved Tatoosh 42, SV Dharma Girl; waited for the final build of our travel trailer; and hung out with dear friends while we house sat a few gigs. That pretty much surmises our PDX activities before we picked up our travel trailer and prepared for our land travels.

Coinciding with our new adventures, we will have a new blog site. The blog will cover our experiences as we travel the roads. We will keep the SV Dharma Girl WordPress site for a while to provide the link to the new blog site as we post. And provide time for many of your to transition over.

Hope to see you out there during our land travels.

Carrie and Chris

On the Road

Hiking along the Metolius River – July 2022

6 thoughts on “What is next with those Williams?

  1. HI Chris and CJ:
    It’s been fun following your adventures since I left you in Port Townsend three years ago. I’ve also been following friends on Mosaic and Gypsy, and also friends whom you may not know – Randy and Ruth Webster on Oceana. Randy and Ruth have been sailing around Australia and New Zealand, plus islands in between. They recently sold their boat in New Zealand and moved to Hawaii. Other friends, Aaron and Lisa Thiss are traveling with their travel trailer like you will be doing. Aaron recently retired from the Navy, and they’re having a great time. Little chance that you’ll run into them, but they do return to Oregon occasionally, so there’s always a chance you’ll meet. I’d like to continue following your adventures, but wasn’t sure how to find the link to your new blog. Anxious to see pictures of your new “home” when kt’s completed.


    • Hello Alan!

      It’s always a pleasure to hear from you. We hope this finds you enjoying life and your beautiful boat.

      I appreciate your idea of your land travelers possibly crossing paths with us. It could happen; anything is possible. 🙂 And thank you for your kind words and faithful following. We have fond memories of our visit with you in Port Townsend. In our next post, a link will be provided to follow our new blog. Cheers to you adn yours.


  2. I live in Astoria and have to go get my boat or sell it in PV. Nice pictures. But as crazy as it is getting may go back to PV it is not as crazy as it is up here. People living in the woods and drugs taking over everywhere you go. We live 9 miles east of Astoria and it is utter crazy going to town. So we pick times when it is not so bad but everyone else is doing the same thing.


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