Transitioning from Water to Land

May 2022 was a full month of transitions; many transitions; both physically and mentally.

Where are we now – as we shared in our previous post, we are back in Portland, Oregon while we wait for our next chapter to begin. 

When we entered San Diego from Mexico on the third week of May, it was a culture shock. Many cars, mega-size grocery stores, long lines, and lots of driving, so we naturally experienced traffic, and there were so many people. Three years away from this can change a person’s comfort level and personal needs. 

As we meandered northbound on Interstate 5 and settled into the pace of life we left, we wondered if we really want to settle. Settled! Do we want to be settling in? What does that really mean to us anyway?

Not to worry, we are transitioning back into a pace between the demands of living in a city and cruising along the coasts of Mexico and Baja. We still relax but also prepare for what is next and know this is just a transitional phase.

Why the transition – did something go wrong with the cruising? No. Nothing went ‘wrong’ during our wonderful cruising years. Our personal takeaway from those cruising days; we are more aware of ourselves, our surroundings, and the importance of now.

What are we doing now? Yeah, well, it goes like this… And we are not the only souls in this predicament. There is this thing going on. You may have heard of it? Covid-19 / The Pandemic. Started some time ago. Well, you know of it, I’m certain. The pandemic created shortages and supply chain disruptions. You have seen it everywhere; groceries stores; prices increase everywhere, and your orders back-ordered. So we are waiting. 

What is next? Well, once our project for our next chapter is complete, we begin rolling on our next chapter and share what that is all about. Thanks for waiting. 😉

Who’s dream is this one? Well, this answer may give you a clue of what is coming next for us. As you know, or not, cruising on a sailboat was a dream of Chris’. We lived on Dharma Girl for 2 years before we spent 3 years cruising to Washington, Canada, down the west coast, and in Mexico. Now that our time with sailing is now complete, we are moving on to Carrie’s dream. Now we’ll start traveling by land. We hope soon since we’ve been patiently waiting for our travel trailer to finish being built. 

In the meantime, we are making lemonade with the situation we are in. We joined Trusted House Sitters (THS) after the encouragement from dear friends and it’s been working out well for us. We also dog sat for another set of dear friends. Then took a week off camping our hearts away. We finish our current THS gig on August 5th. And right now, we don’t know for certain what is next.

Here are a few photos from since we returned to the states.

There are so many more photos we can bog you down with. But then you may not come back to read the next post. 😉 Thanks for following our cruising journey. We’ll be back with more and bring you up to date. 

Thanks again. Be well, and take good care of your loved ones.


5 thoughts on “Transitioning from Water to Land

  1. Let me know if you guys would be interested in house / pet sitting in Calabash North Carolina. Craig and I live here and love it! We’re about 8 miles from the beach.
    Hope you’re both doing well!


  2. Hello Carrie and Chris, I may have part of a solution to your in-between-ness. Roy and I are building a house in NE Tennessee in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains. We are also building a loft in the top floor of the airplane hangar. Would you be interested in coming out this way to explore? There are a few options we can discuss, as well as timing. Let me know if you’re interested. It sure is pretty out here!!

    Hugs, Sandra

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