Road Trip – Part III, Back to Ca Li For Ni and On

September 2021

First, we want to thank Scott and Katie for our round of beers.  It was a treat and with every sip, we thought of you guys. 


Well, we are getting prolific with long-haul days and it’s time to head south.  We leave our restful Portland condo sitting to head back to Concord.  But this time we broke up the 14-hour drive and stopped in the town of Shasta.  The wonderful inn we recommend staying at is Cold Creek. And the town has good eats just within walking distance. The next morning we had time to linger so we walked to a coffee shop, Yaks Shack. Due to Covid-19, I am waiting outside while Chris goes in to order.  Folks order their coffee and light breakfast inside the small shop, then sit out at their table waiting for their order. While I’m sitting there, I’m hearing over the speaker unique names, followed by ‘your order is ready.’ Names like Drop Dead Gorgeous, Beyonce, Mr. Congeniality, Pretty Woman, Hollywood, Bulletproof, Jake, Foxy Mama, and the like.  It turns out the shop uses Hollywood names to identify your order. Super fun and it was a kit to observe customers react with a little smile and giggle of slight embarrassment and looking around to see who is watching, as they get up.  

The backdrop to a quaint city.
Ashland market with a plethora of beer choices

The town of Shasta is quaint and has a beautiful backdrop of Mt. Shasta.  Sadly there was no snow on the mountain.  We linger around town and now it’s time to hit the road again.  (Hit the Road Jack) .

We return to sunny Concord and stay with Brian and Patricia, who returned from Peru.  The four of us went on a hike at LaFayatte, had an amazing breakfast at The Black Bear restaurant.  My first time, learning that it is a chain.  Who knew? The next day we went to a Peruvian restaurant and enjoyed some delicious dishes and traditional Peruvian drinks, Pisco Sours.  

The next day we drove west to visit with my wonderful aunt carol. She lives in Pacifica so we had to drive over the new Bay Bridge.  That was pretty special.  But not as special as having lunch with my Aunt, my Cousin Jim, and Second Cousin Jordan.  She picked a tasty Mexican restaurant, La Playa, in Pacifica.  It’s her favorite and they know her there.  Gotta love being a local. 


This visit of our trip has been long waiting in my heart. Mama and Ray live in beautiful forested Pioneer, CA. The visit was full with my mom and I talking, talking, and talking some more. We managed to tuck into the days with some reading, watching a couple of movies, walks of the neighborhood, and visiting a new local pub (local is relative in these parts),  and hosted my brother Brian’s birthday. Though the 10-day visit went by quickly, I left knowing I’ll see the two of them in less than a year.


From one wooded retreat to another. A retreat for us but I believe our families believe they live in paradise too. Here, we are visiting Chris’ sister, Cheri, and her son, Johnnie. Her daughter, Page, drove up from Concord for the day. Cheri in her fine talent, had an activity for use every day during our one-week visit. Our days included watching Johnnie and his team play a competitive game of water polo, a quiet afternoon movie, playing with the new puppy, Daisy, walking of the neighborhood with the dog walks, a cookie decorating class, halloween decorations for the house, dinner and bocci ball (on a real court with real rules), bike rides around the neighborhood, wine tasting, and, ready for this, impromptu line dancing lessons on the local road over the dam. Phew, now you can breathe.


I had to admit I enjoyed the visit to the city that never sleeps. It was fun playing the $1 slots, they even had 25 cent machines. Enjoyed some fancy cocktails and very bad piano lounge music. It was a quick overnighter. Been there and didn’t get a t-shirt but new flip flops instead.


A few days to catch our breath, go on neighborhood walks, hikes, watch a movie, the repack our plethora of goods that are going back with us via the bus to Mexico.

Yes, another game to play.

Drive to Phoenix by 3 pm to catch the 9 pm TUFESA Bus back to Guaymas by 8 am. Taxi to San Carlos Marina by 9 am. Good to be back on Dharma Girl again.

Note the cooler (packed with boat parts), rolling suitcase (filled with food), two backpacks (filled with personal items and food), the soft cooler I’m sitting on as my butt was falling asleep during the 5-hour wait, and a bag with our electronics. It was a haul but we did it like pros. Glad that is it for a bit.

So, yes, there are a lot of photos and little verbiage. If you have any questions about our trip, photos, or the like, just send it through the comments below.

In the meantime, we are grateful you came along with our road trip. The 10-weeks went quick but the love is sticking to us.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones, and keep in touch. We would really enjoy hearing from you. We’ll reply when we get back into cell service.

Hasta Luego,

Carrie, and Chris too.

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