Road Trip Part IIb – Oregon


We broke away from basecamp a few times. One getaway was a stay with Jim and Maureen, for a few evenings, which many of you have met at our annual holiday parties. We walked their lovely neighborhood of trees and beautiful homes and up the hill for a view of the Portland metro area. And they too have a vegetable garden. A day trip to the coast was a delight. When we looked out from Manzanita beach to the ocean, we reminisced that we were ‘out there’ (point your finger out to the ocean) sailing along with these coastal cities in 2019.  Pretty darn cool.


Game night was a monthly gathering we did in Portland during the winter months. It was a way for us to gather and be mentally active during the very wet months. So naturally, we had to have a game night with these beautiful souls.


Visiting our old next-door neighbor, Carol, from the old hood. She adopted our sweet loving cat, Julius. I miss him often but am always grateful that Carol and Julius are two sweet peas in a pod.


Our visits also included a delightful dinner at John and Carrah’s adorable home.  As well as a gift to participate in the monthly Siouxson Creek Women’s Night held at Team GO’s. I’m happy knowing these monthly gatherings of strong women are still going on after I left. It was a treat to spend quality time with Lisa, Terry, Gwynne, Erin, and, Sarah. Thank you Gals.


And yet another getaway, we visited with Kevin and Gina, SV Raven, whom we have spoken of in past posts. Their lovely tree-lined home provides bird watching and also a vegetable garden. 

We went on a great hike with Gypsy and Raven.  The hike was at Herman Creek, located south of Portland along the Gorge on the Oregon Side. The beauty of the mountains reminds us of the repetition Oregon has for hiking and camping. Naturally, after the grand hike, we stop to have a cold beverage. After we ‘wet our whistle’, we returned to Kevin and Ginas for a competitive game of Corn Hole. It is not easy getting that 3″x3″ bean bag into a hole that is 27′ away.

Kevin and Gina taught us a new game. Have you heard of Sequence? It’s fun if you like games that require some strategy, can be played with 2-6 people, and we like it A LOT.


We went camping on Sauvie Island!  A first for us.  The was a special camping weekend we have participated in for over 10 years before we headed out on Dharma Girl. We had a Siouxson Creek weekend is located in Gifford Pinchot National Forest. The usual camping location was us was burnt from the Trapper Creek fire. So with some brainstorming of the wise friends we know, they had a friend open their barn area for us, 20 folks, to camp for the weekend. With some improvising and a genius idea, we made a memorable weekend.  

Some of the Gang 

Saturday Evening

Then the trade-off for camping on the farm. A bit of barn repair by the gents.


Here is a gift that I feel is uncommon.  Having a happy hour and then dinner with the owner of my previous employment. Alice, of Joyful Noise Child Development Center (add link), is a remarkable businesswoman.  She is also a special woman.  From the moment I met her at my first company holiday party, I know I wanted to get to know her. (redo this:  Our visit was as if no gap since our last visit.)  

No visit to Portland is not complete unless you eat at one, or more, of the many food carts.  We hooked with for beers and dinner with Chris’ co-worker, Mark, and his adorable daughter Vivian.

And I enjoyed having dinner at Andrea, Asher, and Abella’s lovely home in the west hills. It’s like a home in the middle of the woods. It’s always a treat to my fellow students.

We ate this amazing BBQ that JB cooked up for us. Along with Rachel and Stephanie’s side dishes. We ate like royalty. It was also great to see these families too. All are also fellow students and parents. The kiddos, if you will, were too cool to hang out. JB, Rachel, Kiera & Dave, Stephanie, Beck, & Sadie.


And our last gig for the Oregon leg of our travels is house-sitting for the Hicks.  They actually live in a beautiful condo located in the Hillsdale neighborhood.  We spent the first two days sleeping and watching movies.  Then started soaking up the retreat to reflect on our recent visits.  We also enjoyed retreating in the community garden the Hicks belong to.

With the plethora of vegetable gardens, beautifully landscaped homes, and the joyous people we love, our visit to Portland did us well.

Our hearts are full.  

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