A short visit in La Cruz then onto Mazatlan

March 22 -April 9, 2021

Back in La Cruz for six days March 22-26

In the smaller towns, we notice that nice homes are tucked between homes of lower value and visa-a-versa. There is not apparent up-town layout like we see in the USA. Also, notice the 5-gallon water jug hanging on the white gate. A new jug will be swapped for the empty.

La Cruz to Mantachen – March 27

Bill and Nina, of SV Gypsy and Dharma Girl, agreed to buddy boat from La Cruz until we find the need to part.

Mantachen to Mazatlan

Stone Island and Mazatlan Harbor, MZT March 28-April 5

Neither of us can recall exactly what the tasks were in the photo below but by the looks of it, its engine related. Our tidy interior quickly becomes a bit messy when we have to move items to access the engine area. So Carrie finds a task that requires some distraction from the mess. She squeezes limes for our consumption of margaritas in the near future. Cheers!

Afterward, we get off the boat and join Bill and Nina, to stretch our legs and do a little shopping. Above are homes along the road and land that divides the Stone Island anchorage and the Mazatlan Harbor. Homes are being remodeled and built along the roadside. And some are not complete and vacant; which is common in the towns we have visited.

Above, clockwise: … Chris helped Bill and Nina carry their dinghy down to the water. A few photos of the surroundings. And the wave that turns into the swells that encourage us to move to the harbor.

We continue to walk around town and come to this familiar Old Town Square where there is a new and beautiful art installation of large tropical birds. The corner white building speaks details. Unfortunately, there is no available information to give details.

Below, more beautiful detailed doorway artwork. A typical fruit and vegetable stand in the supermercado. The cart selling fruit cups is common at corners in Old Town Mazatlan. And the striking inside of Cathedral Basilica de la Inmaculada Concepción.

Below, we wanted to show a common sight with the top of the power poles with what looks like an entanglement of wires. I’m confident there is a system there. Then we walk the back road to the top of the hill that leads to a restaurant the stairs that lead down to the harbor waterfront.

The following day, the El Faro line was long due to the Semana Santa crowd so we opt to climb up the stairs we came down the previous day. Then we had more fun in Old Town Mazatlan.

We found the above quite interesting event from the past. Apparently, it was impressive enough to install the story in Espanol and Ingles.

The Angel’s Lane reads: Journalist and politician Jose Cayetano Valades was assassinated on the corner of this one-block-long lane and Belisario Dominguez Street on January 27th, 1870. Editor of a newspaper called La Tarantula, he was fiercely opposed to General Francisco Canedo’s administration. His death proved a riot that forced the general to disguise himself and slip out of town to avoid being lynched.

After a severe rolly evening we and SV Gypsy move to the protective Mazatlan Harbor.

It’s Sunday, and just as we hoped, the El Faro line is non-existing. We believed that most of the locals are at church. So up we go climbing the 336 steps to the top. Below is Hazel of SV Susimi, Nina of SV Gypsy, and John and Lucy the awesome boat dog of SV Carmana.

Again, we thank you for your visit. And also, understanding that we were a little lazy during this last week or so, and now we have to ramp up before we head out from La Paz this Thursday. We hope you enjoyed the photos and some explanations.

We invite you to post your questions, your suggestions, and comments on what you liked. We hope we are well into the Sea of Cortez when you are reading this. And think, your summer is just around the corner.

We send the best of everything to each one of you. Be kind to one another and Live your Best Life.

Much Love and respect,

Carrie and Chris

The answer to Dharma Girl’s location in the Mazatlan Harbor. She is the first sailboat in the upper left of the group of sailboats. Gypsy is below us in the photo.

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