The YoYo Down and Back

March 11-21, 2021

Due to the lack of quality time to write posts and then pressing sewing projects that await me while I have shore power, the next few blog post will be limited to the information we typically enjoy sharing. Perhaps, hmmm, perhaps someday, hmmm when we have nothing to do, we will return and update them. Hmmm. In the meantime, enjoy the photos

Leaving Barra Lagoon

A fisherman’s home.
Looking northeast at Barra proper waterfront
Vegetable quiche with carrots, squash, spinach, onion, and egg.

From Barra Lagoon to Carrizal – March 11-13th

After eating our last meal from the French Baker in Barra, the following morning we are off to our next anchorage. We are excited about heading to Ensenada Carrizal. Last year we enjoyed the snorkeling so much we promised ourselves we would come back. Carrizal is 20 nm south and can be a great sail from Barra de Navidad. But alas, the winds were not to our favor and we motor the 4 hours to the beautiful isolated anchorage. Upon our afternoon arrival, there was only one fishing boat, and even they left before sunrise. We had the deep cove to ourselves.

The following morning we noticed in the water what looked like a translucent snake at first. There were dozens of these jelly-looking snakes swimming or floating by our boat. When we scooped one up, you’ll see in the photo, it is like chain-linked eggs. Look closely and you’ll see the eggs individually spaced apart. It was delicate too and would break in two when we held it too long on the boat hook.

Will it fit.

The next day we pull on the wetsuits that we put on last year in January in this very same place. The water was cold; unusually cold this time of year, even now two months later in the season. We lasted 90 minutes snorkeling in this snorkeler’s paradise before we were both shivering. Carrie paddle the SUP while Chris sat on the back. We just discovered a new form of dual transportation. Back at our boat, we warm up and now it’s time for a sundowner.

Carrizal to Santiago – March 13-16th

We left Carrizal mid-morning to anchor in Santiago, just a 1.5 nm drive around a couple of coves displaying beautiful homes on the rugged cliffsides. 

North tip of Ensenada Carrizal
Carrie is paddling across the opening of the cove.

Again! We landed here on a holiday weekend. February 2020 was a different evening vibe with the nonstop tuba players, motor cycles popping wheelies down the beach, and late into the evening jet skies. This year, with the Covid-19 restrictions, Mexico had curfews on the beaches so it became quiet after 6pm. Muy Bueno.

However, before and after the all holiday folks came out to the beaches, we would get out and enjoy the quiet morning water conditions and paddle around. We explored a shipwreck nearby and the not-so-popular north beach.

When walking any of the towns, we have experienced we will find cultural beauty tucked in remote corners, and anywhere else for that matter. Like the truck of pineapples. We called that simple story, ‘pick them, truck them, sell them.’ Simple. Flowers are along the road, in gated yards, and along fence lines. Flowers are everywhere you look.

Time to clean the transducer of growing barnacles. This transducer provides our water temperature and true boat speed (vs GPS boat speed).

Chris swaps out the plug for the clean transducer. Yes, that is a little bit of sea water coming into the boat.

Remember the Star Fruit we picked last week? Well we ate the last two combining the slices with our french toast. And it was delicious.

Santiago to Barra Lagoon 16-19 Mar

An hour after we left Santiago the southern winds were in our favor and we sailed with the main and genoa. And later, a whale visits nearby.

A whale’s blow and its tail.

We arrive to the lagoon late afternoon. We are here for two nights. The next day includes loading up on French Baker goodies, yes again. Even tried his fresh frozen sour bread dough. There goes our waistlines. We make a quick run into Barra for provisions of fresh veggies and fruits. And back to the boat for a small load of hand-washing of laundry. Not at all exciting on our ‘task’ day. We rest up for departure the next morning.

Barra Lagoon to Isla Pajarera, Chamala Bay 19-20

Leaving Barra we skip Tenacatita, pass Carayes and Paraiso, and head to Chamala Bay.  We typically stay in the Perula anchorage but there is a spot we stayed Jan 2020 with friends, so this time we stayed here. Isla Pararera it one of two large islands in the Bahia Chamela. The anchorage is remote enough you feel isolated. We had that isolated experience for three hours until two more boat thought the same thing. So we think. We spent one night here.

Overnighter to La Cruz 20-21

Snuck in a sunset photo 😉

La Cruz Anchorage 21st

Looking ESE from middle of Banderas Bay

Thank you again for reading our blog. We would really enjoy hearing from you. Click on the comments and share any thoughts, ask questions, or request a topic to for us to share.

Until next time, take care of you and yours. And Live Your Best Life!

Carrie and Chris

Lying in La Paz, MX

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