La Paz to Mazatlan

La Paz to Mazatlan Harbor, Jan 6-7

Chris asks Carrie if she would like to back the boat out of the marina slip.  She nailed it.  Let out a bit of yahoo, and drove the boat out for the next 90 minutes.  

We left Marina de La Paz at 1055 (10:55am) and arrived in Mazatlan at 0700 the next morning.  We were pleased we sailed about halfway and motored the remaining evening and night for a total of a 44-hour crossing.  We are doing well with keeping up with this season’s motto to sail more and motor less.  The crossing was uneventful yet pleasant.  Clear skies, bioluminescence galore, the crescent moon rising in the middle of each evening.

Our first blue bioluminescent. This is the best photo I could get from my iPhone. The blue represents the bow waves that are passing about 8 feet off the cockpit. Through the evening the brightness would fully illuminate the mainsail.

Heading to Mazatlan

Jan 8-13

The Mazatlan Harbor anchorage was less crowded than a year ago.   We are the third cruising boat anchored along with two other long term resident boats. There was steady traffic of day-trippers to the islands or fishing.

Sunset behind Faro Mazatlan

On our first outing off the boat, we trekked from the harbor to Old Town Mazatlan along the coastal road that leads to the Malacon. We are proud of our mileage for the day; a 5-mile day. While we were in Old Town, we stopped to have lunch in the square. When the waiter asked if we are staying in town, he became intrigued when we shared we live on a sailboat. We had a lovely conversation about living on a boat, living in Mazatlan, and obtaining quality of life. The interaction and seeing the young man’s perspective was a joy to take in.

You can see Dharma Girl as the farthest sailboat in the Mazatlan Anchorage

Most cruisers are social beings, so meeting five other cruisers at the anchorage was no surprise. It is very common to have a fellow dinghy come to your boat and introduce themselves. This is how we meet two cruisers who were on the 2019 Baja Haha with us, and then on the 2020 Nada Ha Ha.  Later we were invited to a social distancing happy hour with Peggy and Pat on SV Calista; a large catamaran with a large stern deck that was ideal for social distancing.

After a day relaxing on the boat, we trekked up 330 steps to the top of Faro Mazatlan (Mazatlan Lighthouse) and down and then onward to Old Town via the east side of the radio town hill – through a quaint neighborhood – to Leys for some light provisioning.  Then we meandered to the Malecon for a beer (or two) and live music. Walked back to the beach landing. It was a 6-mile day.

This is an aerial photo of the water park in Stone Island Anchorage.

Jan 13-16

Looking for a little change in scenery, we motored all of 1.5 nm south to Stone Island anchorage. It is a great anchorage with a long white beach, a few restaurants, and plenty of families getting a ride behind a panga on the banana boats. Never a dull moment because always someone falls off and wipes out in the water. We love hearing the waves lap on the beach. the local music was excellent during our game of Scrabble.   We are the only boat anchored here. We drive the dinghy to the NW beach landing and leave it there as we find our way to the main beach.

Knowing that we were at Stone Island, folks were warning us about the problems with theft. We did our research and found the following consistent with other anchorages. Stone Island is safe, like other anchorages. Do your due diligence and bring your dinghy out of the water and lock your outboard to your boat. Also, do not keep any valuables visible on your deck or cockpit. A few years ago there were thieves and they were causing problems for cruisers and the local businesses. The problems were causing the Navy to come in the anchorage and the local businesses do not want that. We are not clear why?

The tide is out on our tender. Donuts on top of his head! Horse ready to ride along the beach.

Well, you did it again. You made it to the end of this post. We thank you again.

Be safe, find joy, and live lightly,

Chris and Carrie

Knock Knock Joke

Q: Which vegetable can’t you take on a boat?

A: Leeks

3 thoughts on “La Paz to Mazatlan

  1. Another great blog post. I met Peggy and Pat at Mag Bay when they hosted sundowners on Calista. Very nice people. Calista is so shiny and new!


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