Can we Sum Up our 2020?

Originally, we had a big write up reflecting our year (the year) and how we had coped with the pandemic.  Then we agreed that it has already been written.  Not by us so much but by all others that will undoubtedly revisit the frustrations and crap that this pandemic has caused so many the last 9 months plus.  See … those last 12 words summed it up!

The start of 2020 was uneventful and very good. After bringing in the New Year with our lovely cruising friends, our plans to sail a little further south were fun-filled with amazing snorkeling, good food, and meeting new cruisers. We returned to La Cruz as the pandemic was in its infancy. After spending a month there, we provisioned and fueled up enough for three months and headed out in April. We are so glad that we did and don’t regret our decision to stay in Mexico and continue cruising the Sea of Cortez.

Many cruisers left Mexico by June and few returned in the winter, so we did enjoy having anchorages to ourselves. But with fewer cruisers, that meant meeting less than the typical folks.  The folks that did stick it out through the summer’s pandemic situation, or even returning cruisers, are mindful about the pandemic. 98% of cruisers are wearing their masks, using the sanitizers provided outside the doors of establishments, and keeping social distancing.  

We continued to go forth with our cruising continuing the mindful practices we adopted and maintain a thoughtful and considerate outlook.  Our plans … well, like the old saying goes, a cruiser’s best plans are written in the sand at low tide.  And we like it that way.

With all the above into account, we lived with a flexible attitude and a low-stress schedule that led us to relax and take in the sights without worry. Because the alternative of living by the daily, or hourly, news updates would lead to a miserable life. We preferred not to allow the news to direct our cruising life. We had ourselves a super fun last three months of our first season.

Of course, we didn’t see this pandemic coming. And how it interfered with our plans to travel to the states for the summer was a true disappointment.  Many you know our summer plans was to visit the states for three months and return to work on the boat in October.  We are dearly missing family and our dear friends.  

But alas, the trip to Arizona truly filled our souls a bit.  And fortunately Carrie loves her in-laws because seeing family, and the love between Chris and his own, provided a fill that we both really needed. With the passings of loved ones that we couldn’t be there to share and support, learning to express in words what a hug or eye contact would convey took some practice for us, we are grateful for and dependent on, the internet more than ever to stay connected to our loved ones. Thank goodness for Zoom (when we have decent internet).  And FaceTime, where one time my mama and I opened by accident and were delightfully surprised.

We began our second season in September after two months in Puerto Penasco working on Dharma Girl. This time, we leave without a buddy boat, as well as leaving behind very good internet to stay in contact with loved ones and folks we interacted with daily. It is a shift, it’s exciting, but still a shift from daily human interaction to just the two of us. Returning to the sea was wonderful yet the anchorages were still pretty empty of other cruisers.  The towns were in full swing and the weather was a delight. We are stopping at new and old anchorages that were closed to cruisers last season. We soak up all the hikes and scenery that we can. With most anchorages to ourselves, we really saw very few cruisers until we arrived in Puerto Escondido in November.

With an attitude of: “… don’t take anything personally, … like any news, take what serves you and leave the rest…”; and talk to the locals for the real news, the news that matters; we found ourselves with a new level of solace; reflection in solitude.

We would like to end this post with something to think about.

Tell me, what

is it you plan to do

With your one

wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver

Enjoy your life and remember, don’t count the days, make the days count.

Cheers, Chris and Carrie

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