Santa Rosalia AND Punta Chivato

How is each of us approaching this season differently than last season?  

Some of the novelty is now gone from going into a brand new anchorage for the first time. I am trying to experience the places where we’re staying in a new way. I make a point to catch a sunrise or sunset, or just watch nature go past the boat. It’s one of things we set out to do when we left home, but you do have to make a point of it. It can be too easy just to stretch out on the settee instead.

Carrie & I also made a pact to sail as often as possible, versus sticking to a rhumbline course and timetable. Now, if we have the time and can make it to where we want to go with daylight, the sails go up. You wouldn’t think four knots is a struggle over 5.5 knots, but it really can be!

I, Carrie, thought a fun way to capture her day would be to draw a few small sketches of what she has seen that day in her journal. So far, it’s been really fun and meditative. I am also practicing with improving my photography. Slowing down, pausing, and absorbing the scenery really shines a new view on what you are looking at; you really do ‘see’ more details.

Santa Rosalia 11-16 Oct

This was our second time in sweet Santa Rosalia and was very excited to get off the boat and visit.  You may remember in our previous post of this town, when the pandemic hit Mexico, the town did not accept cruisers to their port.  The town just reopened to cruisers the day before we arrived. Respectfully we thought the residents and businesses would be leery to interact with us gringos. On the contrary, every folk we interacted with was kind, helpful. And a few a little chatty too.

So we decided to stay in anchorage versus the marina slip.  And we’ll share soon why.  We are the only boat in the anchorage and three cruiser boats we have seen north in the slips.  So we will see more gringos around town than June. 

Our first trip to town, we found a sweet ma and pay laundry shop.  And surprising, they finished in record time; same day (2.5 hours) we had clean and folded laundry.  For the same price as doing it ourselves, it’s completed. Her vs His piles.

During the wait we purposely walked up and down each street in downtown area.  We found El Muelle restaurant that Chris remembered seeing in July, and had a delicious early dinner. I fell in love with their smoky salsa.

Santa Rosalia has a large grocery store, LEYs and many small sweet local tiendas in main town.  We decided to only shop at the tiendas and was successful with finding everything we needed.

Like we said, the town is sweet and so original in the sense of there is very minimal tourism. There are fantastic sights to see and enriching history about the town. There is the library, church, mines, and so much more.

The Mahatma Ghandi Library displays a number of historical photographs during Santa Rosalia’s early mining days.

The Iglesia Santa Barbara Church is well know for its famous Eiffel Tower features architect, Gustave Eiffel.  The steel church was originally in Brussels when purchased by Boleo.  The church was disassembled and shipped across the seas to Santa Rosalia and reassembled in 1897.  123 years later and it is still an active church.

Back in the late 1860’s, copper was discovered around the area of Santa Rosalia. After a couple of claim mergers, the French company Compagnie du Boleo took over building up the mines and quickly developed a very profitable business.  After 1910 and the larges production, working conditions created various health diseases.  By 1930, Boleo turned the mines over to smaller outfits but kept operating the smelter through World War II.  February 1954 Boleo was shutdown.  The Mexican company, Campania Minera de Santa Rosalia, took over shortly before etc mines rand out of copper.  1986 the plan was officially shut down.  The European style architecture Museo Historic Minero has a wide collection of artifacts from the town’s early minding days.

Punta Chivato 16-17 Oct

We are under way to Punta Chivato and the conditions are very calm in the beginning.  Chris ties new lewers to the fishing rod …

At sunset, we took note of the lovely silhouette of the resort on the point. Later we learned that the resort property is for sale.  

coming into a new anchorage, the winds were 20 kts and preparing to anchor in the conditions we originally felt nervous but after the anchor set, we recognized again how much we have learned from last season. High five’s were exchanged! – concern about swells wrapping around the point – next morning calm anchorage – carrie takes the sup to explore and chris …

We headed to Bahia Conception.

One thought on “Santa Rosalia AND Punta Chivato

  1. Love all the photos. We used to have a Night Heron that hung out around Starshine back in Alameda. We called it ‘The Bird’. Your picture reminded us of him.

    Fair Winds
    Pat & Melodie

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