Puerto Refugio

July 9-11th

And we arrive at our last anchorage before we head to Puerto Penasco; that ends our first sailing season. Leaving an anchorage we really enjoy is somewhat sad. Maybe leaving Bahia de Rocas was extra sad knowing that we are coming near the end of the season.

But we did have a fantastic day sailing. The winds were favorable and increased as the day progressed. Dharma Girl is a champ in strong winds and gave us a fun northbound sail.

We are now heading to the north end of Isla Angel de la Guarda (Guardian Angel Island). This leg is a 38 nm leg which would typically take us almost 7 hours. Today’s sail was not our typical and with the winds we were getting our ETA is now about 5.5 hours from when we left.

Arriving to the north end of the island was spectacular. We are willing to say it was one of best views we have had in awhile.

What the heck is That!?!
Ah, look at all that texture. This looks like it will be a cool place to visit!

And it was a very cool setting to visit. We could easily spend a week in Puerto Refugio. The inviting hiking available, beautiful water conditions, and how the lighting changes on the hillside throughout the day. We took more photos in the day and a half we were here than other places we stayed for a week.

It was a long day and after setting our anchor in Middle Bight, we settled in for an early evening with our post anchor drink and the sun setting before us.

Something we haven’t mentioned before is the tidal changes in the Sea of Cortez. As we move north, the tidal changes increase. If we take into account tidal change and know how much rode (anchor chain or rope) to put out, to account for the increase and decrease of the tides, we won’t find Dharm Girl drifting, better known as dragging, into the sea, or worse the shore or rocks.

The next morning we were set on spending the day exploring and choose the northeastern point of the bay, Punta Roca Rana and Punta Bluff.

We spent the day discovering tide pools, artifacts, small bright neon fish, many turtles, and cool rock formations. We found an awesome beach to swim from and spent a good amount of time in the water cooling off.

The second and third photos show the beach we same at. Photo courtesy of Katie from SV Absolute.


It was about 12:30 am. We could hear the rain on the water long before it reached us. The cell was traveling fast. And the lightning storm was amazing to watch. We were on the safe side and put all our electronics in the oven. Explain why… The winds picked up, the rain was falling, and we stayed up to keep an eye on things. T

Straight shot of 110 miles to PP. Arrived to PP 12-July at high tide. We plan this with leaving Puerto Refugio 20 hours beforehand.

Pretty simple harbor with fewer than a handful of marinas which too meet our needs. With the guidance of Salvador of Cabrale’s Boatyard, we tie up at Safe Marina. Very kind of him to come out on Sunday to assist us.

Nautical Terminology

Forward/Aft vs bow/stern:
These common terms are often used incorrectly. Forward and Aft are directional terms and bow and stern are descriptive terms. Forward, aka fore, is toward the bow of the vessel. Aft is toward the stern (rear) of the vessel.
Galley - why not Kitchen ?
"Back in the day, ships were made of wood so cooking was a big hazard. The ingenious solution was to cook on a desire smaller shop called a galley. Modern ships are made of steel and have fire suppression systems, but the name has stuck."

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