Sweet Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia was a major stopping point for us as we made our way north up from the middle to the northern Sea of Cortez. Hm… How to best describe this from our point of view … ?

I’d guess I’d say that you do step off a little bit into the more rural waters of the northern Sea of Cortez once you leave Santa Rosalia and hang a left. We couldn’t help but notice that the guidebooks get a little light on the page count between here, Bahia de Los Angeles, and our ultimate summer destination of Puerto Penasco.

We spent a good week in Santa Rosalia. I blame the Fonatur marina with its docks and electricity (which translates to dockside air conditioning for us). Plus, Carrie and I were way, way into our Games of Thrones binge to spend a full week at anchor inside the breakwater. So, we broke our 10-week cruising streak and pulled into the marina the same morning as Tom & Katie from SV Absolute.

Santa Rosalia is a mining town, with a great deal of local history, all within walking distance of the working waterfront. There was also a lavenderia, a Ley supermercado, and a Six mini-mart with cold Tecate, all within walking distance from the dock. Beyond those superfluous cruiser luxuries, Santa Rosalia is genuinely Mexican – there’s no tourism, no condos, no gringos, just a small town embracing its own unique history. It was really nice to visit and see the sites as much as we could under the current pandemic. One of the big highlights is the cathedral church, designed by Gustav Eiffel of Eiffel Tower fame.

We spent the week mostly just taking it easy; we’d go into town if we had to, and had Katie & Tom over for happy hour and/or games and some AC. One of the high points for Carrie and I was going out to a restaurant for dinner – it was the first time for us since the pandemic struck down here. What a treat – air conditioning, authentic Mexican food, and Pacifico.

Once we all started feeling it was time to get back in gear and move on, we did – to Punta Trinidad, Isla San Francisquito, and Bahia de Las Animas. More on that later.

As always, if you read this far – we are flattered. We’ll be sending more updates soon as we “fill in the gaps” of our northbound trip.

Until then, Fair Winds!

Chris & Carrie

SV Dharma Girl

currently lying Puerto Penasco, Sonora MX


The malacon

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