Greetings from Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

Hola! It’s been so long since our last blog post, we thought we’d send out a simple update now that we’re ashore with reasonably good internet access. Carrie & I have made it to our northernmost point in the Sea of Cortez; Puerto Peñasco in Sonora. Puerto Peñasco is a small working town mostly known for its fleet of shrimp boats and its proximity to the US border.

A lot of folks store their boats here and head back to the states to avoid the oppressive heat that peaks here in the summer. We’ve been here ~ three weeks, including a week in the local marina to get the boat ready to be hauled out on the Cabrales travel lift and put into storage mode.

Dharma Girl is hauled out of the water and sits ‘on the hard’ in the boatyard. This time out of the water allows us to do the seasonal maintenance needed to keep us going into our second season of cruising. We’ve rented a great little in-law unit style apartment nearby for August. The apartment lets us do the work without dying of heat stroke before 2 PM. The family is really nice and it’s in a quiet neighborhood. We’ve befriended one of their little Chihuahuas and she makes a point to come upstairs and visit us every afternoon.

We’ve knocked out several projects since then, as we get up early to work before it gets too hot, usually knocking off around 1 or 2PM. We retreat back to the apartment to rinse off the grime, collapse, and cool off. We tend to work six days a week, taking Sunday off like all the locals do.

Looking back at the time since we left Loreto, we managed to cover a fair amount of ground getting up here. We buddy-boated with our good friends Tom & Katie on SV Absolute — they were a great compliment to Carrie and me, often keeping us out and active with hiking, swimming, or fishing, as well as sailing our boat as much as we could in the conditions given to us. We shared a lot of dinners, game nights, happy hours, and swapped cruiser gossip.

We’ll post more updates on the places we stopped at on the way, but our trip went like this;

Northern Sea of Cortez (South to North)
Punta Trinidad
Isla San Francisquito
Bahia de Las Animas
Puerto Don Juan
Bahia de Los Angeles
Isla Coronado / Bahia de Las Rocas
Puerto Refugio
Puerto Peñasco
Middle Sea of Cortez (South to North)
Loreto to San Juanico
San Juanico to Bahia Santo Domingo
Bahia Concepcion, including Santispac, Bahia Coyote, & Mulegé
Punto Chivato / Ensenada de los Muertos
Santa Rosalia

And we will post more on the workings of the seasonal maintenance on Dharma Girl.

Do you have questions, thoughts, and/or suggestions of what we are doing? We invite you to comment below or send us an email to

One thought on “Greetings from Puerto Peñasco, Sonora

  1. Glad to hear you guys are doing well! Your little apartment unit sounds fantastic! I literally went, ah-ha! When I read that – it is something that I previously hadn’t even considered for the heat of the summer. May I ask for a rough monthly rate on something like that? I’m oh so curious. 🙂 Sounds fantastic.

    We’re getting pretty antsy with our desire to head south. Trying to enjoy the PNW summer but as I look outside on this mid-Auguast day and see fog and overcast clouds, and cold temps, we’re a bit put off even by the weather here sometimes lately. We’ve had quite a bit of rain for this time of year and the temps remain pretty low. We’re not looking forward to another winter here but are planning an extended time off the boat visiting family down in Vancouver – so that will be fun.

    Anyway, good to hear from you!! Post another update soon. 💖 ~The Mosaic Mob


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