Stuck in the “Peace” of the City – Part 1

La Paz means ‘peace’ in Spanish.  We have found this mostly true (aside from the periodic loud music).  This 400 plus year old city is laid back with friendly folks, locals, and visitors alike. Strolling the Malecón promenade invites visitors to view artwork, eat delicious foods, and adventure up the side streets to see what there is to see.  The even slower-paced side streets are full of small markets, tiendas, family food windows, carts, and the like and are wonderful places to practice your Spanish with the friendly local folks.  

Welcome to La Paz

La Paz, with its old world charm, is also a cruisers paradise.  There are many marinas, boatyards, and marine stores.  There is also the option to anchor and participate in the ‘La Paz Waltz’ in the ‘Mogote’.  Due to the individual effects of the wind and tide, any boat at anchor can uniquely swing.   The climate here is wonderful; particularly with the daily breeze keeping the air cool.  Us folks from the PNW giggle when the year-round cruisers express ‘last night’s cold of 62 degrees…” during the weather announcements.  

Another attraction to cruisers is La Paz offers about everything a cruiser needs, regardless if your stay is short or just passing through.  And if what you are looking for is not available in La Paz, you can make arrangements with a local business to have it shipped here.  

And that is why many cruisers ‘get stuck’ in the capital of Baja California, Sur.  It has become home to many who sailed into La Paz planning a short stay and became sucked into all it offers.  Some stay for a few months, others have been here for decades.  We arrived here Friday, 22Nov planning to stay for a week or so.  Though we can stay longer to enjoy the walkable city, we are hankering to move on.  Our unplanned extended stay depends on the arrival of our new IridiumGo.  It’s due early next week and we will leave afterwards.  

If I put a $10 in a jar for every sunset photo I took …

The artwork in the city was created by local and international artists. The art pieces are unique yet represent the old world flavor and characteristics of La Paz; you pick up on this embracing of the city after seeing the same art repeatedly.

Out in anchor, the daily North winds are averaging in the mid to high teens. This wind is not conducive for us to put our SUP and kayak in the water. Also, the water is a bit ‘chilly’ which deters us a little from practicing standing up the SUP (standing and paddling is the real workout look forward to).

Next UP: Our visits with our cruising friends, Thanksgiving Day, and Playa Pichilingue.

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