Port Townsend – This and That

When there are more moments and photos to share than there is room in a blog post, I’ll capture them in a This and That post. There is so much to capture … and I don’t want to forget some of those little special experiences I’m having during our travels. These ‘This and Thats will resemble a photo album or even a scrapbook. I hope you enjoy a few of these. So …

When your vacation is awesome and you are having so many memorable moments, the kind of moments you believe you’ll never forget the feeling of where you were or when it happens. Then sometime later you’re trying to recall those details and it’s just not forthcoming. Well, this is what this post is about — for Chris and I to remember a little more detail about our stay in Port Townsend.

We arrived late Thursday afternoon, May 30th. The fuel dock was our first stop. Not to get fuel but to get the lay of the marina and determine where we will dock Dharma Girl for the ‘short’ stay. We choose the commercial basin marine for wider slips; our beam is 12.75.

Our Neighbors

We neighbored with the US Coast Guard of Port Townsend. The 87-foot cutter, Osprey, was an immaculate ship to view when she was home. And the crew was kind and friendly too. Photo from the USCG website (r) and my photo from the docks (l).

And we shared a finger with Greg, of f/v Arminta, who lives on his commercial fishing boat. We truly enjoyed his generosity sharing his fresh-caught King Salmon and Halibut, giving us a tour of his boat, and teaching us some details of commercial fishing and those particular to his boat. We got a kick when we learned he uses an encoded VHF to use with communicating fishing spots with his fishing cohorts.

The old guys always forgot the secret code words from one yeast to the next, so the radios ended up being easier on everyone.

Phase I

Andy, with GoldStar Marine, visits Dharma Girl. We appreciated his direct questions. His answers led to a few more items to the work order but now we have a squared away engine.

Eats and Drinks

Better Living Through Coffee

One of our favorite coffee shops in Port Townsend with seating that has a view from any table inside or outside.

Tacos are one of my all-time favorite foods. And since we knew we would be in Port Townsend for a bit, it was natural for us to find a great place. We learned Tacos to Go are the best tacos and quesadillas in the Marina. Their servings are generous too.

There is always a place you can walk in and feel immediately like you’ve been there before. That was our experience when stepped into The Pour House. From the immediate warmth from the bartender, the esthetics, the outdoor seating that overlooks the bay, and the folks sitting next to you sharing conversation. For the record, we wish we found this place earlier but we did return often.

The Seventy 48 Race

If you are not familiar with this race to paddle 72 miles in 48 hours, that preludes a day before the Race to Alaska, then read on how it developed a few years ago; it’s a great story. Here are a couple of photos.

This craft arrived from Colorado in multiple sections and assembled in Port Townsend.

The high school team was inspired by their Science teacher to create this project and race against traditional seasoned sailors or paddlers.

And then there are the hardy solo paddlers.

What follows the Seventy48 is the Ruckus and R2AK. These races are man-powered. The addition beautifully crafted boats for the Race to Alaska were spread out in the marina and park for all to view. Some of the Seventy48 racers will continue onto the R2AK race. The community support for the racers’, the required mental and physical endurance, is obviously all over town. The vibe is contagious.

Movie Trivia

When you are in Port Townsend you obvious think of the movie, An Officer and A Gentleman, Right? Well, we do. We are fans of the movie and naturally watched it during our ‘stay’. And when walking the main drag we were wondering which one of these buildings were in the movie. Are you a fan of the movie? Play along and type your answer in the comments.

Meet Carly

What is this Mr. Bill look alight outside of the West Marine store? I had to inquire. Carly is the name and was created by the original owner of the location. The son of the owner now maintains Carly, painting it each year. The employees of the West Marine Port Townsend keeps the breast pocket and handkerchief spiffy too. It’s just the little things, like this story, that grabs our hearts.

Meet Carly. The Port Townsend West Marine Icon.

Phase II – The Mechanic

The transmission and Vdrive were pulled out of Dharma Girl by Kevin of GoldStar Marine. Almost three weeks later, Chris brought the units the Trans and V-drive from Harbor Marine in Everett, it’s time to transfer the beast to Dharma Girl. Kevin and his work partner did just that with professional grace; installing the rebuilt units.

Kevin and his coworker rigged a come-along and carefully lowered the two combined units between the navigation desk and the companionway steps (which you may see in the photo are lifted for access to engine area). And the final installation and testing resulted in a humming sound that puts a smile on Kevin’s and Chris’ face. Mine too.

I made a Lee Cloth

I started this little project back in late May. We were in Astoria waiting for the ideal weather window to go North. The local Englund Marine gave me a reason to go for a stroll for hardware. Then its Measure, Cut, Sew, Pound, and Viola! Lee Cloth complete.

Chris demonstrates how the Lee Cloth holds him on the settee.
Setting the grommets into the lee cloth.

A lee cloth is a great piece of gear. During long passages or rough seas, it’s often best to sleep in the center of your boat in the main cabin (or saloon). A lee cloth is a piece of fabric that acts like a safety net to keep a sailor in their bunk, or in our case, the settee

Friends from Portland

We had a surprise knock on our boat hull. Alan B. from Portland, OR also traveled/sailed his SV Thirsty to Astoria, stopping over in Port Townsend. So we grabbed a bit to eat at a local and popular cafe. Do you sea any resemblance to the name of the cafe and mine? 😉 After a few days visit, we send Alan off to sail the islands and hook up with friends.

Tara, Nat, and their two girls, Morgan and Maya, also traveled from Portland, OR on their SV Junovia. Along with Barry on his SV Jubilee. They stayed a couple of nights in the same marina as us.

And a week later, Ian Weedman, of Weedman Yacht Rigger, who we hired for with our lines, spinnaker pole set up, boom preventer, and provided us with amazing guidance, was in town. So we hung out at his favorite coffee shop, Velocity. Sunshine was a gift that day, so we sat out on the decks and caught up with each other.

Micro Aquarium

Once I discovered we have our own little aquarium along the edge of our dock finger; I checked it out each day. Small critters of fish, eels, crabs, and sea plants kept me there for 20+ minutes at a time.

Mom’s Laundromat – Best in Town

Plain and simple. Laundry is a chore I don’t care for. Especially when I have to haul a couple of bags to a laundromat and then haul them back to the boat. The one benefit I find, though, is the clothes are folded and ready to put away upon return. So, there is that. Mom’s Laundromat is was fun. I enjoyed reading the classic names assigned to each machine. I could hear it already, “oh, that Bessie. She’s spinning out of control!” I appreciated how the laundry liquids were dispensed in reusable cups, she served coffee, had a microwave to head up your meal, a clean bathroom, free wifi, and a cool bulletin board that gave you a glimpse of the community.

Clock Tower

One of our daily walks was to the clock tower which incidentally is the County Court House. The grounds are lovely and removed any sense there was a justice system beyond the brick walls. Also, there is deer everywhere in the residential area of Port Townsend. I joke that there are as many deer as there are squirrels.

Hawaiian Chieftain

I’m sitting in my cockpit one afternoon when I took note of a tall ship motoring through the marina entrance (first two photos). Later during a walk through the boatyard, because it provided a shortcut, I spotted the ship on the hard (dry dock). The beautiful 103-foot vessel, Hawaiian Chieftain, was in the Port Townsend Boat Haven yard for some serious restoration work. If you are into tall ships, look into the youtube videos of her and Lady Washington.

Fort Flagler

Along with Fort Worden and Fort Casey, Fort Flagler is one of the three forts that guarded the Admiralty Inlet of Puget Sound. The parks provided an abundance of historical information throughout the expansive park. The grounds are inviting for families too – lots of running room. 😉 😉 The Washington Park system does a fantastic job maintaining the parks and fort grounds. You can read more about the forts here, just skip over the author’s ‘scary description’ at the beginning of the article. We enjoyed accessing the beach and lighthouse too.

I found it so cool and interesting many Washington State Parks close to the Puget Sound shorelines have installed MBRs, membrane bioreactor system. The water treatment system is part of an initiative to restore the Puget Sound waters.

Who is Captain Jack?

Captain Jack was another vessel on our dock we admire each day in passing. They are a family-owned business that ‘provide emergency towing, salvage, underwater search, exploration, and mapping, using our side scan, R.O.V., and magnetometer.‘ Click on the hyperlink to learn more and about their other vessels.

Random photos from our daily walks.

Wait – just two more Projects before we leave!

We had a spare day before we left so we sanded and oiled the companionway hatch boards. Then installed the exchanged Hydrovane shaft and drive unit!

Until Next Time Port Townsend

That’s a Wrap!

Answer. http://www.themoviedistrict.com/an-officer-and-a-gentleman/

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