What makes two Toonies and a Loonie?

Faithful readers, if you know this one you’ve been to Canada (it’s $5). We’ve been up here for roughly the last 2 1/2 weeks, making our way through the Gulf Islands, Howe Sound, and now find ourselves on the Sunshine Coast, on the mainland side of British Columbia.

So far, so good. I found I really liked the Gulf Islands, even more than I liked the first part of our trip after leaving Bellingham. There were a few nice straits for sailing, and the anchorages we stayed in were a bit less developed along the shorelines. The seasonal winds are lighter than we had anticipated, so it’s been a mix of light air sailing and motoring to get to where we want to go.

After clearing customs in Bedwell Harbour, N. Pender Island, we spent two nights at Port Browning and managed to get a hike into Magic Lake. It was a bit magical, but more of a large pond. The walk was nice, and we had a pint at the marina and watched all the folks on their summer vacations.

We really enjoyed visiting Montague Harbor, on Galiano Island, and the small state park there. The highlight was the local bus run to the Hummingbird Pub. Tommy, the driver, filled our ears with 80’s music and facts about the island.

As we stepped onto the school bus, Tommy offered up a percussion instrument to play during the ride. The cheery riders sang and played their hand percussion the 15-minute ride to the pub. At the pub, we ordered Sweet Potato Fries and Calimari and both dishes were out of this world. You can now imagine how glorious our singing was on the return ride after having a pint or two.

In the same anchorage is Grey Island that is connected to Galiano Island by an isthmus. An isthmus is a narrow strip of land with sea on either side connecting two larger areas of land. Grey Island is has a fantastic hiking trail. At low tide, one can spend hours entertained by the baby crabs fighting each other and watch the spitting clams shoot water as high as 6-7 feet.

We tried to make a logistical stop out of Ganges Harbour, Salt Springs Island but fell a bit short on getting the laundry done. We did stock up on provisions at the local Thriftway. I did my best to turn a blind eye to the prices we paid for our groceries, as it was at the nice store right on the touristy waterfront. It was like shopping at Whole Foods in Los Altos, CA.

The Most Famous TV Show I’d Never, Ever Heard Of …

We had a nice crossing of the Georgia Straight over to the town of Gibson’s. Gibson’s is famous for being the set of “The Beachcombers“. We decided to stay on their commercial dock for two nights and be tourists for the afternoon. I almost hugged the dockmaster when he told us they had laundry machines behind the office. Carrie & I did a town walk and checked out the local taproom, TapWorks. Molly’s Reach is the focal point of Beachcomber’s, so we took a picture like everybody else.

From Gibson’s we took a short detour up into Howe Sound and spent the night in Port Graves, Gambier Island.

We’re now up in Garden Bay at Pender Harbor trying to figure out the next few days. We’ll either continue up a little bit and spend a little time in the Desolation Sound, or figure out how to beat the summer crowd at Princess Louisa Inlet.

Thanks for all your comments – it’s so nice to hear from everyone. We hope you’re doing well and we’ll get another post out here soon.

Cheers – C&C

4 thoughts on “What makes two Toonies and a Loonie?

  1. Love your title! I haven’t been up to that part of Canada yet so I didn’t know what it was. Nice to be “in the know” now. 😉
    Sounds like you are having such a wonderful time ! Loving all the pictures you include.


  2. So happy you sent me a link, I love hearing about all the adventures. My mom is from Canada, so I have been up there many times, but I bet it is amazing by sailboat.


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