Pig War! ( or all the other stuff we did in the San Juans)

A Preface

First, an apology. I thought I had published the Part One of our San Juan visit, but apparently had only saved it in draft form. That explains the dearth of comments about our travels thus far, or that we’ve just become wildly unpopular.

We meet Sondra & Roy

Sondra is an old friend of Carrie’s from her time at the Oregon Women’s Sailing Association. She and her husband Roy live part-time in Deer Harbor on Orcas Island. They were kind enough to meet up with us and we went out for pizza and beers, including a short scenic tour of the island – including the airport. I only mention the airport because – get this – Roy & Sondra commute in their own airplane – get thisthat Roy built by hand!

Lovely people; and they gave us a ton of wonderful advice about their favorite places and things to do. I also got a new beer coozie because my Cooper Island Beach Club one got stretched out.

Pig War!

From Orcas, we went to Wescott Bay, home of the British Camp during the infamous Pig War. The state park is a delight, with a full history of the camp, including a replica of the English garden the camp’s commander had installed for his wife while stationed there.

We also visited the working oyster farm in Wescott Bay and splurged on a fresh seafood lunch of local, raw oysters, clams, and fresh bread.

Local Treasures Abound on Stuart Island

We took Sondra’s advice and made our next stop at Stuart Island. The big thing to here is to hike into the woods and find the Treasure Chest. The chest holds a series of one of a kind T-shirts that you can only find and get on the island. You pick your shirt and pay for it on the honor system. We lucked out and met the woman who runs this venture with her husband while she was restocking and had a nice visit.

We also checked out the local schoolhouse and library museum as well as the local cemetery. IIRC, Stuart Island’s population in winter is something like 15, and there’s no infrastructure whatsoever. Folks who live here dig a well, and set up solar for their electrical needs. They get everything else via boat or ferried over from Roche Harbor.

Off to Canada!

Next we head cross the Haro Strait and check into Canada at Pender Island. I’ll leave that for another post. Meanwhile, enjoy this rainbow.

Leave us a comment to let us know we’re actually reaching the internet on our one bar of cell service! Cheers – C&C

18 thoughts on “Pig War! ( or all the other stuff we did in the San Juans)

  1. The oysters look awesome. Looks like your trip so far is everything you had been hoping for. Take care, have fun, love each other and hope to hear from you again. Love Deb


    • I think you guys should when you get to Stuart Island. The reward is worth it. The shirts are awesome enough I may get online and order another pair for us. Looking forward to hearing about your experience.


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