Cruising the San Juan Islands – Part One

Since I’ve just doubled my blog content publishing to date, I thought I’d share another post. Besides, it’s almost time for lunch and maybe a nap afterwards.

Arriving at Blind Bay

Our initial plan was to head into Friday Harbor and spend a few days there settling in after our protracted visit to Port Townsend. Friday Harbor ended up being a zoo of an anchorage, including our second and third choices of alternate anchorages. So we ended up in Blind Bay on Shaw Island. We both like it here – the anchorage is fairly large, the holding is good, and there’s enough to look at and see, including being across from the Orcas Island ferry terminal. This is an important aid to navigation because you can get ice cream cones over there.

Swifts Bay & Spencer Spit

We took an afternoon and did a little day sail up and past Rosario Resort and then settled into Swifts Bay. Swifts Bay is next door to Spencer Spit State Park. We got the dinghy down and decided to paddle over to the park for a short little hike. It was a wonderfully sunny day out, with families either enjoying the beach or setting up camp in the nearby campground.

Off to Bellingham

We decided we needed to go spend some more money at a chandlery, because we obviously did not get our fill of this budgetary activity while in Port Townsend. The one key thing we wanted was to add an additional length to our anchor chain. This extra length will better suit us for getting into some anchorages here with comfortable scope were the mooring areas are a little deeper.

(For you non-sailors out there, scope is a fancy boating word. Should someone mention the word ‘scope’ over cocktails, just take whatever number they say and reply with a number that is 100 times the initial figure.)

We ended up on the guest dock for a few days, getting some small things sorted out. I also needed to let me sore back rest some after throwing it out at Swifts Bay.

Bellingham Marina is quite nice as marinas go – laundry is $2 wash & dry, $1 at the showers gets you 5 whole minutes of hot water, there were too many dock carts to count …. the list goes on!

2 thoughts on “Cruising the San Juan Islands – Part One

  1. Hey hey! Just found all these new posts – I follow the blog but didn’t get notified of these new tidbits to read! Will have to check the site more often!! 😘

    Curious – how did you add chain to your rode? Like, what method did you use to connect the new chain? How much do you have now? ☺ So excited to catch up here!


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