The Unexpected

I can start by stating the obvious and share that our last post was a month ago but why? I can try to explain why we haven’t posted in over four weeks but why? I can explain that we have been preoccupied with unexpected boat projects and incidents but why?

I do want to share what was unexpected. Though the last four plus weeks have been a whirlwind it has brought on a new perspective layer of what is important. And it was enhanced with the week of anchoring in quiet coves and sailing the waters.

One does not know what will be delivered to them, like a gift of perspective perhaps. Or an observation to ponder on. or how about just the simplicity of watching water pass your boat hull. The unexpected I speaking about here is I noticed the shifting of me glancing at something to looking, really looking. Pausing. Looking at details and opening up to what is being presented.

The unexpected also put my desire to post to our blog on hold. I found I just couldn’t stay focused let alone write a paragraph. I have started several drafts with hopes to keep up with the expectation I put upon myself. Yes, I’ve let that go for now. Along, with letting go of the sense of hurrying and meeting the ‘minds needs to get things completed’. Oh the mind does tricks, I tell you. And I do trust this sensation I speak of is just the tip, the very tip, of the iceberg of possible sensations I will experience on this adventure; our journey.

And this unexpected … well is really opening doors … if I let it.

Thank you for listening. I appreciate you time.


Here are few fun photos I took on my walk around the really nice Squalicum Harbor in Bellingham, WA.

A Campbell Sloop
There is a wonderful Kite Park in the Marina.
These were the largest that would show up in a photo.

2 thoughts on “The Unexpected

  1. Beautifully stated! All too often we get totally focused on all of the ‘shoulds’ we have determined need to be done in a certain timeframe. In doing that, we completely lose sight of all the things that give us joy and bring true meaning in our lives.


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