F.I.R.E. Barista Style

One evening I was reading a reblog post of a fellow blogger, Life Free 2 Sail Fast, who is more prolific in posting than moi, and I ask …

“Hey Babe, are we part of the FIRE movement?”

“Yes babe, we are. In fact, we’re more like others who call themselves FIRE Barista … because we were preparing to retire well before the FIRE ‘movement’ became popular.”


“We are retiring early but want to work when we get back from sailing because we can and it will supplement our income. We have options unlike those tied to their desk.”

The next morning I’m laying in bed pondering about FIRE and come to realize it probably means Financially Independent Retiring Early. I looked it up and sure enough – that is the meaning and there is a FIRE Movement driven by millennials who aim to retire by their 30s and 40s. The reblog by Life Free 2 Sail Fast’s has many links to a variety of reads on the ‘movement’.

As many of you already know, I retired last September and Chris in April. The past 8 years we decided to revamp how we managed our finances so we can reach retirement early, sell the house, buy a sailboat, and then sail away into the sunset. Each year we reviewed our goals, made adjustments, and watched our money grow. We also had a rule – ‘don’t watch the stock market!’ Enough said.

If you are aspiring to live a dream you are not currently living, we encourage you to seriously take a close look at the many options available. Revamping is easier than you think. Those who discourage you are just wishing they were doing it too. Just do it because as the old say’n goes, “you are not getting any younger.”

Here are a few links to spark your motivation:

How to Retire in your 30’s

Millennials Obsessed with Retiring Early

Welcome to Barista FIRE

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