It’s been three days since we left the docks in Portland. We are held up in Astoria due to prevailing coastal weather. Our next window looks to be Saturday.

In the meantime, we visited a few of our favorite breweries, got many naps in, and completed a couple of boat jobs; including making a Lee cloth, cleaning the Eisenglass, installing the Spinnaker halyard, and priming the AirCon (heater), and Chris tested our new ATN Ascender.

I walked to town today to the lovely Astoria Co-op. Afterwards I found a pier to walk along. I’m looking out over the river when it occurred to me, in an emotional way I yet can’t explain, that we arrived here, in our sailboat, that is tied up at the marina. There is no car to drive home. And no house to drive too. I don’t live in Portland anymore!

So as I look out over the water, I look East and note where we traveled out of before we tied up at the West Bank. I stare out there imaging what we looked like moving along not to far from the shore. I imagine the “path” we traveled, in our boat, that is not taking us back to Portland but beyond on an adventure that will present experiences I look forward to sharing.

5 thoughts on “Surreal

    • I love you too Asher. 😘 Are you ready for summer?
      Abella, the trip started off well. Look on the map and you’ll see we are in Astoria. We are waiting for safe weather to cross the bar then sail North; first stop is Neah Bay. I miss you too. 😘


  1. You want a real jolt, drive by your old house in PDX or the marina where you moored and realize you are a stranger.
    After you cross the bar you won’t even think of “home” as anywhere but the boat .
    And, crossing the bar gives you status few cruisers have. Most can’t even deal with a current, let alone a river bar!

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  2. You’re at the cusp. The threshold between the old and familiar and the new and uncharted (Pun intended). Its a place you’ve been before and will be again many times but despite the uneasiness and excitement, it’s life well lived.

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