Leg 1 – Portland to Rainer – May 20, 2019

OMGosh – Today’s the Day!

There are several sayings about when to take off for sailing. Some believe Go Small and Go Now, others believe setting a hard date drives the cruisers to depart on date knowing their are projects to complete underway. And then there are those who want to finish all the projects are their list. And you may have guessed it, their boat doesn’t leave the dock.

She’s as Ready as She’ll Ever Be.

We left with the major projects completed need for cruising safely. The remaining of our projects and tasks will be completed to underway. Some are comfort based, some are upgrades, and a few are aesthetics. We want to install a Lee Cloth for the Starboard Settee, nets for storing fruits and veggies, complete our Spinnaker set-up, and sew the remaining hatch covers, to give you a picture.

Leaving the dock was surprisingly more emotional than I expected. I mean, I know I would be crying but the emotions were strong. Friends waved us fair winds as we motored past the familiar docks we spent so much time at the past 6-7 years.

We cleared the I-5 bridge and requested for a swing of the Railroad Bridge.
First Leg now of Many
Dharma Girl tied up on the Transient Dock

After swinging the boat up river and docking, we when to find ourselves a place to have a drink. After asking a city worker, we took his direction and found the Interstate Tavern. It’s a local establishment that is known for their crab and shrimp cocktails. We stayed for one drink and returned to Dharma Girl for a cooked meal and early night.

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