Departure Day is Finally Here!

Happy Monday Everyone. Well, our day to get underway has finally arrived. We’re equal parts nervous, excited, and grateful. Nervous, because well, the big thing we’ve worked so hard for over the last several days, months, weeks, and years is becoming a reality. Excited for the same reasons.

We’re also really grateful – all the good thoughts and best wishes from family, dear friends, and our dock neighbors has really helped keep us grounded as we’ve been trying to work through a thousand random thoughts, actions, and decisions.

Our game plan for the next several days is pretty basic. We’ll head down river to Astoria, check the weather, then plan on crossing the bar. An overnight trip up the coast will land us in Neah Bay at the mouth of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Another day eastward to Port Angeles, then we’ll head north to the San Juan Islands (just in time for Memorial Day weekend, wooh!).

Dharma Girl is looking pretty squared away after hour and hours of sorting, schlepping, moving stuff around, packing, re-packing, and packing it away again.

One thought on “Departure Day is Finally Here!

  1. BON VOYAGE my friends!!
    You are off off on the adventure of a lifetime and I am in awe of you! I’ll follow your blog and share your adventures vicariously!
    May the wind be always at your back. OOXX


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