Pick a Color. Any Color.

It’s a chilly morning here at Tomahawk Bay Marina. As my mother-in-law would say, ‘there’s frost on the pumpkins’. There is also ice on the water, I will add. For the first time since December 2017 when we moved into the marine, about 50% of the fairways and slips are covered with ice. It’s pretty cool looking with the palm leaf effect on the water top (the photos I took couldn’t catch this).

Lately, I’ve been reading blogs over taking the time to contemplate what to write about. It takes less time. And of late, I don’t have a bunch of it right now but I see promising opportunity next week. So, as I did last week, I’m sharing a post from a blog I follow. Today, Dream Big, Dream Often posted a fun question that I took a few minutes to reflect on. I invite you to do the same. The question is …

If you can describe your mood today using a color, what color would you choose?

Looking forward to reading your share of your color in the comments below.

Here is the answer I left on Dream Big, Dream Often:

What a fun question to reflect on. Thanks. I woke up feeling the color of light blue but it looks like it’s turning out to be a rainbow kind of day. The sun is shining here in the PNW, 50% of the fairways in the marina are iced over, and the air smells so good. It’s 23 degrees out and I want to go for a walk but it feels like 19 degrees – to much skin bitting weather for my comfort.
Thanks again for this moment to observe my mood.
sv DharmaGirl

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