Plans to make a Dream Come True

This post was inspired after reading The Boat Galley‘s post about making your dreams come true. I was moved when I read how she would ask her grandkids “What have you done TODAY to make your dreams come true?”  Such a lovely and inspiring question to ponder on. Regardless of the size of your dream, like just hoping for a great day, scoring a goal at your soccer match, or long term dreams of owning a home, retiring early (more on this later), or a fabulous vacation, dreams are human desires and we all have them. What you do to cultivate your dream is critical for success. Here is a very brief layout of what we did to where we are today.

Our dream planning started around 8 years ago with the loose statements and conversations over happy hours; ‘would it be so cool to retire early and go cruising?’ A year later we drew up a general five-year plan that included revamping our spending habit, saving a ton of money, selling the house, buying a boat, and sail away. Having a plan is essential to start your dreams. Laying out the basics, then revisiting the plan to add on steps, goals, revisions, etc. Then about three years ago we tightened up the plan even further (and yes, it is very doable) and decided when to sell the house two years later, instigating a long task list to prep the house to sell well.

What we learned quickly was revisiting our plans and tightened up our spending monthly kept our goal moving forward. And gave us confidence as we begin acquiring a very long list of interested sailboats, taking sailing courses, sailing vacations, and joined the local Island Sailing Club. And read many blogs and watched many vlogs to keep up the inspiration. There will be low days, it’s the organics of life, but they are only days, not weeks or months.

We sold the house in March 2017, purchased our sailboat that Spring, completed the first phase refit that summer, and moved on board in November. We have been working on her refit each weekend since moving in and using Trello to capture and plan our tasks. More on all that too.

So we are part way in preparing for our dream. We are living in a marina, working on our boat, and employeed. Staying on task is challenging on most weeks; particularly, for example, you can’t go sailing because the alternator is being upgraded, or the sails are at the loft, or upgrading the steering cables, or as simple as there is no wind; you get the point. And know this, anything that needs to be completed on the boat takes three times longer than home because it is not as straight forward. It’s just what it is. To add to this – it’s also a huge learning curve.

So, are you wondering what our status is with this crazy unconventional dream of living on a sailboat and cruising away? I’m glad you are. We will leave when we are done. That could be as soon as this coming mid-May or as late as the first week of June. And to keep us accountable we thought we would list the tasks we need to complete before untie the lines. And also list the tasks that we will complete underway. And there will always be the list of ‘nice to have’ that will most likely dwindle as we cruise. I trust we’ll learn what is really important once we are ‘out there’.

I believe you have a dream that you want to come true. So what are you doing to making your dreams come true? Please share in the comments your dreams and more.

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