This morning when I was sitting in my car I noted my car keys dangling from the ignition key slot.  I smiled.  I was remembering handing off the keys to my home to the realtor just about 20 months ago.  At that time I had a house key, apartment key, car key, car clicker, and two bike rack keys.  

Sitting in the Grey Wolf

As of today, my keychain dons 1 post office key, 1 storage unit key, and the previously mentioned car key and clicker and the bike rack keys.  Sitting in my car I realized that next Spring I will be most likely keyless.  When was the last time I was keyless?  Can you remember a time you were keyless?  Maybe as a child, a young child.  I had a key to my house; I grew us as a latchkey kid.  I also had a key to my super secret diary.  I’ve had keys of most of my life; about 40+ years of my life, if I calculated that correctly.

So next April and May we will empty and close our storage unit (1),  close our post office box (1), and sell our car (4).  And I won’t be concerned with grabbing my keys before I leave the boat.   

So I believe, again if I calculated (and forecasted) correctly, the only key I (we) will have is the boat ignition key that we don’t carry on us. 

Looking forward to shedding one more ‘thang’ from my responsibility and distractions.

One thought on “Keyless

  1. I’m so late to reply on this…but I love the symbolism of this. The keys in our lives, what they represent and what they give us access to…and alternatively what having no keys gives us access to. My heart embraces this post so voraciously. ❤


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