This morning when I was sitting in my car I noted my car keys dangling from the ignition key slot.  I smiled.  I was remembering handing off the keys to my home to the realtor just about 20 months ago.  At that time I had a house key, apartment key, car key, car clicker, and two bike rack keys.  

Sitting in the Grey Wolf

As of today, my keychain dons 1 post office key, 1 storage unit key, and the previously mentioned car key and clicker and the bike rack keys.  Sitting in my car I realized that next Spring I will be most likely keyless.  When was the last time I was keyless?  Can you remember a time you were keyless?  Maybe as a child, a young child.  I had a key to my house; I grew us as a latchkey kid.  I also had a key to my super secret diary.  I’ve had keys of most of my life; about 40+ years of my life, if I calculated that correctly.

So next April and May we will empty and close our storage unit (1),  close our post office box (1), and sell our car (4).  And I won’t be concerned with grabbing my keys before I leave the boat.   

So I believe, again if I calculated (and forecasted) correctly, the only key I (we) will have is the boat ignition key that we don’t carry on us. 

Looking forward to shedding one more ‘thang’ from my responsibility and distractions.

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