Genny and the Lights

Can you see my attempt at titling this post alike with Bennie and the Jets.  It’s a great song here ya go, listen while you read this post.

Bennie and the Jets, Elton John:

It’s Monday, MLK Holiday, and we have a short list of items to complete today.  The main items are to complete the installation of interior light fixtures upgrade to red/white, bend the Genny, paint the interior of a small locker with mold resistant paint, and install remaining courtesy lights (pictures to come).

Chris worked on top completing the annual maintenance of the furler mechanism (bearings & pins,).  We plan to keep up maintenance because problems seem to pick moments when it is least convenient and most dangerous to occur.  We are currently developing an all systems maintenance sheet for this reason.  He also was setting up the sail to bend onto the foil. Then we went to work bending the genny; and after a short bit, she was on!



Notice the calm water.  The wind picked up about 10 minutes into the bending exercise.


The new stiff canvas on the headsail prevented a smooth wrap.  After a week of being wound up, we will furler her again.


Meanwhile, I completed my light fixture project.  The project included updating 5 old LED style lights with LED Corn Light Bulbs that put out more light with considerable less voltage.  This upgrade will meet out electrical requirements when we are off the grid.  The last two light fixtures I wanted to switch these to white/red LED bulbs.  The task was as clean as switching the previous 5 bulbs.  The fixtures on in the head and aft cabin.  Having the option to use red lighting will support night vision when night sailing.

I learned the extreme basic electrical.  You need a power wire and red and black to complete the loop.  Once I understood that I cut out the old LED bulb, set up the wires to receive two individual bulbs, and cut the loop wire so the toggle switch will turn from red to off to white.  Oh, and my new favorite wiring tools are these wire strippers and ratcheting crimpers.




Nautical Term:

The term genoa (or genny) refers to a type of jib that is larger than the 100% foretriangle, which is the triangular area formed by the point at which the stay intersects the mast, and deck or bowsprit, and the line where the mast intersects deck at the rail. Colloquially the term is sometimes used interchangeably with the jib.

Why Use Red Lights for Night Vision

Within your rods lies Rhodopsin, the chemical that actually allows night vision. When exposed to light, Rhodopsin bleaches and takes around 30 minutes to regenerate. Despite taking so long to regenerate, most night vision returns within about 5-10 minutes once the bleaching (or being exposed to bright light) occurs.  The Rhodopsin contained within the rods in your eyes are less sensitive to the color red within longer wavelengths of light. You may have seen the Military using red light to read maps and preserve their night vision. Although, there has been a shift recently to using green light or a blue-green light instead of red.

More info:

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