A Formal made by Basics

Last November we accomplished our first and traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Dharmagirl. With Macgyver like thinking, I used one pot to complete each dish.  Using cereal bowls and a measuring cup covered with aluminum foil, each prepared dish stayed warm at the top back of the stove as the turkey breasts roasted to a golden yet crispy finish.  Viola.

Galley Photo by Broker

This is basically what the galley looks like when it’s clean.  The photo is from our broker.

What you see on the stove and counter is I had to work with.  The six-pound turkey was a bit too tall and I had to cram it into the over by pushing the top of the foil-covered breast and slide it in.  Fortunately, and to our surprise, it didn’t burn.


The galley after I completed dinner.

Our dinner menu included baked yams, stuffing, homemade cranberry relish, Brussel sprouts with blue cheese and candied walnuts, and turkey with gravy, and a lovely bottle of Wind Walker Cabernet to tie the meal together.  We picked up wine from Mom and Ray’s favorite winery, Wind Walker Winery, a couple weeks before.

Next Thanksgiving I’ll have a fully equipped galley, purchase a five-pound breast, and have a full table setting.

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