New Waters

Finding a new home for your boat is much like finding your perfect home in the ideal neighborhood.  While your home location may be typically the top of your criteria list; it’s similar to finding a marina for your boat/floating home, yet the pickings are much slimmer.  And unlike the freedom you have with the upkeep of your own home and property; when living at a marina you are at the mercy of the marina management.  I’ll tell ya this, the last couple of weeks of researching and visiting marinas have been insightful.

There are three marinas, that allow liveaboards, available for us to choose our liveaboard enjoyment.  One is in Vancouver, WA, the other two are in Tomahawk Bay located on Hayden Island.  Of the two in Tomahawk Bay, our first preference is Salpare, Salpare is a small marina and has a limitation on the number of liveaboards. Our second is Columbia Crossings, with a reputation, are willing to take pretty much anyone that passes a background check and willing to pay the slip fees.  Salpare has a 10 boat waiting list vs Columbia Crossing can take us now.

Fortunately, Salpare has a non-liveaboard slip for us to rent when we begin our boat projects.  We are going to take advantage of that until we move onto our boat.  We are gambling that since we are already in Salpare, we could get the next available liveaboard slip sooner than later.  Otherwise, we motor over to Columbia Crossing and live there until we can move back to Salpare or cut the lines.



With a morning like this one, I don’t care what marina I’m residing at. 


Sounds like a lot of effort, perhaps.  But once you visit each Marina, all questions are quickly answered.  The following photos of K Row in Columbia Crossing Marina will be a little telltale why we pref Salpare.  We ask ourselves; why it would take 3+ years to repair these docks.

(A Video will come at a later date)




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