The Smaller Abode

We love our new home.  The apartment holds our belongings in a nicely laid out 825 sf floor plan.  The abundance of windows is lovely.  Being on the second floor, we keep the blinds open most days.

Downsizing was no easy task.  We downsized from a 1900 sf home to 1/2 the size.  Over the years we collected more ‘stuff’ than we ever could have imagined.  We were surprised because we don’t collect trinkets, collections, souvenirs and such.  But it was the books, the CDs, the gear, and all the materials required to maintain your home in good condition.

We started over a year before the house went on the market.  We were so proud of ourselves with the amount of ‘stuff’ we donated, gave away, sold, and trashed. Three months before we put the house on the market we completed the same exercise again but with no mercy.  At the end, more ‘stuff’ was removed from our ownership, we staged our home with our furniture, and we moved into our apartment.

We’ll be doing this exercise again when we moved onto the boat!

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