Let’s Take a look

It took three trips to St Petersburg, FL to conclude that Journey is the boat for us.  Chris went out first to view her after his CD business trip, April 22nd.  Two weeks later we flew out to spend all day on May 5th for Carrie to view Journey for her first time, be part of the Boat Survey, and to participate in the sea trial.  However, none of that happened on the 5th because weather delayed our outbound flight.  So we arrived in St. Petersburg the evening of the 5th.  Gratefully, the surveyor Lee Taylor, of Taylor Marine Surveying, had to returned Saturday to finish the survey.  We spent most of the Sunday with Lee as he completed his survey, educated us about the boat, and share a handful of tips.  I highly recommend Lee Taylor.  I hear sellers don’t like buyers to use him.  hee hee


Though we felt the boat was a go, for our own conscience we needed that ‘sea trial’.  So Chris went back to St. Petersburg May 20th.  Jonathan, (Journey’s owner), Chris, and Joe Z, our broker, of Preferred Yachts, went out to sail on Tampa Bay.  All went well even without wind.  Chris spent that time with Jonathan learning the ins and outs of Journey.  It was time well spent.

Thumbs up!  Let’s do this and become official boat owners.

Now where is that dotted line?

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