Counter Accepted … Yes!

Sell the house. check.

Counter offer, counter accept, counter offer, counter accept … or something like that.  It was nerve-racking and very distracting as well.  But Molly, our Broker, keep us calm the best she can.  Molly Cleavenger, of Coldwell, was fabulous with supporting all our questions and representing what our needs and criteria were.   Molly listened to us, asked clarifying questions, and keep in touch often.  It was comforting we can contact her anytime we needed.

We wait through the closing process.  And still waiting,

and wait some more.

And then it’s here.  Cha Ching!  April 18th!  We are officially no longer bound by a mortgage payment.  To our surprise we found that was so freeing.

Hold on now as we move aggressively with finding a sail boat to buy.  We spent hours on the internet when Chris come across a nice surprise.  Wait! What!?!  What is this?  You say the boat in Florida decreased their sale price?  Get out!  FANTASTIC!  Let’s make an offer. Stay calm.  Don’t get your hopes up (ha – that was almost impossible).

Aaaaaaand   …. Offer accepted!  Cheers!

So let’s get this right.  We closed the house on the 11th, made an offer on a Tatoosh 42 on the 13th, and the offer accepted on the 14th.  I have one word … Whirlwind!  But Mama said it best; Scary Fun!

In retrospect we kept it simple; it really is simple math.  Our personal math equation is:

Sell House  =  Sailing Boat + Retirement

Enough said.


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