We have said it before …

… Boats grow on trees.  Just saying boats grow on trees is easier to say when you are not talking yourself out of a boat you THINK you want.  Just walk away – we would say.  There will be another.  There will be another boat just right for us.  Or at least we’ll get closer to the right boat.

Our first love was Summer Rose.  A Passport 42 that just knocked our socks off.  But the timing wasn’t right.  And here is doozie; why does the owner still have her listed for sale over a year later?  Just boggles my mind.

Then there were the boats up in Seattle, the Nordic 44, Passport 41, Passport 40, and Caliber 40.  Pretty nice but each came with their own problemo we didn’t want to adopt.

Oh, and I don’t want to forget the Norseman 400 that came from Hawaii.  She was roomy and so pretty!  It was that boat we came to realize as much as we love the Passports, the style of the Norseman felt roomier.  However, again our timing to buy did not a line because we haven’t sold the house yet.  But we did have the broker working with us – and he knew and respected our plan.

Let’s not forget the flash visit of the Slocum 42 in Marina del Ray, CA.   The boat showed well  online.  Chris flew down to view her … hmmm as he scratches his chin. No Go!

And we also had our eye on the Passport in BC.  But that didn’t pan out as the owner didn’t seem motivated to give more photos we asked for.

But the Tatoosh 42 felt great, she felt right. I almost said to Chris – I don’t need to see her. She feels good to me.  Just like when I enter the house for the first time – I wanted to buy it right there.  With the Tatoosh 42 I just wanted to get her home.

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