Patience is a virtue

When is the right time to sell and get the most equity?IMG_4179


Watching the market is like watching water boil; the wait, the wait, or the wait, wait, wait.  It is concerning; particularly when I’ve heard a couple of brief remarks in the news that the seller’s market will top out sooner than expected.


Interviewing brokers/realtors can be compared to interviewing a car sales-person (but with more class).  Our first interviewee was wonderful and I was convinced we’d probably go with her.  The second interviewee struck us as rather silly and out of her posh territory.  Then our third was a good fit (beginning to sound like the the 3 bears).  We felt good with our meeting after she left the house.  Our second meeting with the third broker went so well for us we decided to hire her.  I felt we were in great hands.

After the house went on the market, the end of that weekend we had 9 offers on our house.  The long process of narrowing down the list to a shortlist of 3 was an exercise I had never experienced before.  There was more to consider than just the price.  We made our decision on a seller and after a long 10 days, the house sold and we relinquished any responsibilities on 18April17.

In the meantime, after living in the apartment the last two months, we have adjusted to the ease of the smaller abode.  I remember the first month we spent our free time sitting, reading, relaxing, catching up on a few movies, and slept as much as we can.  The release of responsibilities with living in the house you own took a bit to clear out of our minds.


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