Are you sure?

Are we sure?  Is he sure?  Am I sure?  These questions need to have a similar answer in order for us to move forward in a cohesive and productive fashion that will also support our emotional well-being.  When you think about what will take place in the next two years, and what has already happened in the last three months, it could be a bit shocking, overwhelming, and perhaps so frightening that you would want to turn back to the place we know so well … comfort.

We have planned out the best we can and know there will be surprises we did not prepare for.  And there lies the adventure.  The growth.

My sensations ebb and flow when I think about our retirement plan. Selling the house. Buying a boat. Possibly finding a home for AB. Taking J with us. Selling everything we own. Sailing down the west coast.  It doesn’t sound complicated or is it.  When each phase is upon us, I know I will learn so much.

Yet, and I say yet, because that word can also contribute to the ebb and flow sensations I experience about the changes that will take place; I become elated when I share our future plan with others.  That, I believe, lies my truth and that brings me comfort.

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