One of my favorite words … Gear!

You know how with any new sport or activity you typically need to outfit yourself with correct gear. Whether it is running shoes if you plan to run that 10Ks, a paddle if you want to join that dragon boat team, a backpack and essential gear because you prefer to hike away from it all, a road bike if you decided to participate in cycling events, a swimsuit if you race in triathlons (note I already have the shoes and bike at this point), a cross bike for Cyclocross Races, and now boating gear!  There is always some kind of gear you need for most activities.  If you are like me, you like gear and may have collected a bunch over the past years.

For a couple of reasons I have slowly purged some of the above items over many year.  Reason #1: I’m not using them anymore.  Reason #2: and more importantly, I will not have room for said items on our boat.

But that didn’t stop me from purchasing more gear for my newest enjoyment; Sailing!  There is so much one can purchase to increase your enjoyment.  And then there is the minimum if you are willing to deal with a little discomfort.  I run kind of in the middle of these two measures.  However, I will purchase the necessities to stay safe on any boat.  My first was a PFD (personal floating device).  The purchase was in the mid-range of choices and I’m been happy with it’s performance.  We purchased it over 5 years ago.

I purchased a West Marine Off-Shore PFD and it has the harness so you can be lifted out of the water if necessary.  However, if you are looking for something for the in-shore, try this PFD may be what you are looking for.

My next post will share why I received my next sailing gear.

Happy Sails,


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