Money – Plain and Simple

Last month we returned from a week long sailing trip with my brother-in-law and wife.  It was further down the Mexican West coast than I’ve been before.  To my delight the terrain was green with bushes and trees.  The water was glorious.  And the sea life was plentiful.  We had ourselves a great time.

We returned home and we had our typical response to our sailing vacations.  How much longer can we wait before we get our plan going?  Can we go earlier?  How much money do we “really” need to sustain our cruising? …  and more questions like that.  It happens each time we return from sailing.

This time, we sat down with the short term and long term budget and goals.   So much to factor in and still the unknown to factor in.  We do know the value of our house has exceeded our 2019 goal already.  That is certainly a plus that will come in handy now or later. The second half of that equation is how much more and would it cover the difference of leaving two years earlier?

It doesn’t matter how you look at cruising, it will come down to the money at some point.  Your money + your style of cruising = how much you need.  We are currently reading The Voyager’s Handbook – The Essential Guide to Bluewater Cruising by Beth A. Leonard.  Beth describes three types of cruisers, the Simplicity, the Moderation, and the Highlife.  According to her description our plans fall under the Moderations.  And now I wonder, can we cruise for less than the Moderation and much more than Simplicity and still enjoy ourselves?

Current numbers vs numbers in 2 years vs numbers in 4 years.  Can the house equity cover the 2 yr?  Stay tuned and we will let know when we find out.

~Fair Winds

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