When I look at the home I see and feel more than I originally thought I would.  The word home carries many meanings depending on who you ask.

As a very new blogger I signed up for WordPress  Blogging U -Photography 101.  The course is supported by expert bloggers and photographers.  I look forward to the growth I’ll acquire and improve my sailing blog.

The first assignment is take a photo of our home.  Standing outside of my home, snap the photo, and download to here is not my answer.  Home:  the place where one lives permanently, especially as a member of a family or household.  – Webster.

We are familiar that living in one location permanently is uncommon these days. For myself, I come to believe that my home is within me.  I quote Johnny Cash, “home is where I hang my hat.’  Whether I travel near or far, I create a little temporary home that suits my senses.  It’s in my heart.  As a spiritual woman, hOMe would be where my alter is. So without further ado.



My ever evolving Alter of light and love.


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